What is Horror?

Horror in essence is meant to do one or more of these things: terrify, scare, gross out, disturb. At its simplest horror revolts and scares. At its most complex horror is disturbing and thought provoking.

Genres of Horror:

  • Dark Fantasy– Anything fantasy-based, but instead of it being dreamlike, it’s more like a nightmare.
  • Gothic Horror– Hauntings, old mansions, vampires, strange brooding towns and people. Gothic can be set in the past but is just as likely to be in the present or even the future. The mood is very important, where the setting itself can be as oppressive and the creature.
  • Psychological Horror– The twistings of the mind. It may be that the person imagines something but it’s not real, or maybe it is, or perhaps they’re crazy but instead there is a conspiracy against them. These can be very insidious and subtle to outright living in hells in one’s mind or the prison of their bodies that can drive them insane.
  • Splatterpunk– A lot of shooting and gory mayhem, bodies and heads exploding, blood gushing on a rampage of carnage falls.
  • Supernatural Horror– Involves the supernatural. Witches, vampires, mages or some other sinister sword or hat that takes over a person’s mind, it is all supernatural. Religious themes fall into this category, such as demons, devils, angels, saints, priests, the devil and god. It’s the most popular sub-genre for movies.

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