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Augmented Reality FTW! Microsoft’s Hololens Begins Shipping.

On March 30th, Microsoft started shipping out their HoloLens development kits to qualified developers in the United States and Canada who preordered them last month. With these kits, developers can create and deploy Microsoft’s incredibly realistic holograms. It’s a really cool concept if you can afford to dish out the $3,000 for one.

Included in the kit is the uber cool Galaxy Explorer Project, an app that showcases HoloLens features by visualizing planetary bodies. Seriously, who can say no to space?

Announced as the first fully untethered holographic computer, the Hololens will allow users to interact with high-definition holograms projected onto the real world through a series of user gestures, voice, and glances.

HoloLens still has some ways to go before a full commercial release, but Microsoft is making sure that it reaches the right developers, including universities and even NASA to ensure that this becomes a reality in the very near future for all consumers.

via TheVerge

Minecraft: Education Edition To Be Released This Summer

Microsoft is launching Minecraft: Education Edition just in time for the 2016 fall semester.
Minecraft was already considered to be a great educational tool used by teachers around the world. According to Microsoft, over 40 countries including thousands of teachers currently use it for school-related teachings. Children of all ages learn anything from programming to literature to chemistry.

Microsoft has now begun to assemble pre-built Minecraft worlds that educators can easily download. Some are built to allow immersive exploration: From touring the pyramids of Giza to viewing up-close look at the human eye.

Ready-to-use lessons on creating pixel art using Minecraft’s palette of command blocks are available for those keen to introduce students to coding. The Redstone Lodge provides a place where they can learn about mechanical and electrical engineering — and even music composition using note blocks.

Microsoft knows they’ve got a powerful educational tool in Minecraft, but want to ensure that students actually get the chance to use it. An Education Edition license will run schools just $5, a more than affordable option considering the versitility of this game.

via: Geek.com