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Vans’ New Nintendo Collection Is Kickin’ It Old School

For those of you who like to wear your geek hearts on your sleeve, now you can wear them on your feet, too! Vans Sneakers recently announced its new collaboration with Nintendo, and it’s as awesome as you can imagine. From Donkey Kong to Duck Hunt, Mario to Zelda, these shoes showcase some of Nintendo’s most loved games.

The collection is scheduled for release this June, and we’ll be running to pick up a pair.

Guest Blogger: Rachel Gibson
via: Sole Collector

Super Mario Characters Made Out Of Water

Studio Tamago, located in France, has taken an interesting approach to creating Super Mario characters out of spurts of water. We wish we knew the technique, but the overall result is pretty damn awesome in our opinion.  Check out their site for more awesome photo manipulations!


3D NES Emulator Could Be The Future of Retro Games

Ever wanted to see what you’re favourite 2D NES games look like in 3D? Well now you can. Vietnamese developer Trần Vũ Trúc has created an emulator that analyses NES ROMs uploaded to the cloud and then turns them into 3D art.

There isn’t any clear information on how the emulator turns the 2D games into 3D, but it does seem like it uses algorithms to extend sprites backwards, add shadows and decide where environmental elements sit in relation to one another.

You can clearly tell that it’s a work in progress; Mega Man looks like a living diorama, while Zelda 2 occasionally looks like one of Shigeru Miyamoto’s darker nightmares.

It’s very exciting progress and it seems like there’s more to come as Trần Vũ Trúc’s comments on the emulator’s webpage state that a downloadable Windows version will be released in future.

So if you have access to the Firefox browser, load up the 3DNES emulator right now and witness some 3D transformation. Seriously, super cool, even if some games still turn out looking quite scary!

Source: IGN