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Mashups of Marvelous Clone Troopers

We’re always on the lookout for cool and new mashups from talented artists. Unique ones seem to be quite hard to find nowadays.

With that said, we lucked out by stumbling up Jon Bolerjack, a professional inker in Los Angeles, who has come up with some really neat Marvel/Star Wars mashups of Clone troopers that have us smiling and wanting a lot more!

Jon Bolerjack3Jon Bolerjack2Jon Bolerjack4 Jon Bolerjack5 Jon Bolerjack6


Do You Know Your ABC’s? This Artist Did Them With A Nerdtastic Twist

I’ve always been a fan for people looking at ordinary things in a different perspective. OtisFrampton from Deviantart, not only put a unique twist on the Alphabet, but did three different volumes of it! How can you not fall in love with each letter individually?

Take a look at his page for more cute drawings here:

Click the pictures below to see a larger gallery: