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New Star Trek Series To Be Filmed In Toronto

Are you a trekkie or know someone who is? It’s time to celebrate then, as the latest Star Trek series is set to begin filming in Toronto. Originally, it was slated to be produced in Los Angeles, but recent reports have confirmed the switch to Toronto for yet-to-be-titled show.

This will follow Star Trek Beyond as only the second production in the franchise’s history to be ever be film outside of the United States. There are little details about the new series as of yet, but rumours have it that the first season will be set in a timeline between the Undiscovered Country and The Next Generation. The show is set to air in January 2017, so filming will begin very soon!

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Do You Know Your ABC’s? This Artist Did Them With A Nerdtastic Twist

I’ve always been a fan for people looking at ordinary things in a different perspective. OtisFrampton from Deviantart, not only put a unique twist on the Alphabet, but did three different volumes of it! How can you not fall in love with each letter individually?

Take a look at his page for more cute drawings here:

Click the pictures below to see a larger gallery: